SC Photobooths

Whatever happened to South Carolina Photo Booths?

South Carolina Photo Booths was one of the first and best regarded photo booth rental companies in the state, and we did lot of events. Whole families, as each daughter got old enough to marry, and SC Photobooths was there. Proms for Dreher High in Columbia, North Augusta High School, Evans High School. From eastern Georgia to Greenville to Myrtle Beach and down to Hilton Head, SC Photobooths was a leader. And reliable: our corporate customers counted on us since 2009. (Photo booth experience is like dog years – 9 years is a long long time!) In all that time we never cancelled an event, we never let a customer down.

But SC Photobooths was tied to Chris’ Camera Center, and Chris’ Camera Center downsized and closed. Not as dramatically as Wolf Camera or Ritz or Showcase, but it was time for Chris to move on.

Founder Chris Lydle moved to Marietta, Georgia. Founded Hotlanta Photo Booths. Sold off the South Carolina Photo Booths name and equipment and all its assets, including bookings and the domain name. And we thought that was the end of the business we’d remember fondly.

Best laid plans of mice and men department: I ended up buying back the business in 2018. While we’re not actively seeking new business in South Carolina, we’ve made sure our long-term customers aren’t left in the lurch. We’ve tested and upgraded all the equipment to supplement our Hotlanta Photo Booth gear.