Last minute bookings

Sometimes that cheap photo booth offer isn't such a good deal. If they cancel at the last minute contact Hotlanta Photo Booths in Marietta.

“My photo booth company cancelled at the last minute”

Want to book a fun photo booth at the last minute? We’d like to help. Because we’ve got a lot of booths and a lot of trained operators, you can often get full service even when the need is urgent.

Did the photo booth company you contracted let you down?  Last minute cancellations with little or no excuse reflect poorly on the professionals in this industry.

Unfortunately many Groupon-promoted companies are new to the business. They sign up for “exposure” and as a sort of “training ground”.  (Do you want to be their training ground?)

Often they are not legally registered or insured and don’t have the necessary backup equipment or skills to provide a good service.  It is not uncommon for them to go out of business because they find they are not making money or cancel because they got a higher offer.  Even if their intentions were good, that leaves you – the innocent renter – in a bind.

As a company who prides itself on operating both legally and professionally we wish there was a way to stop those sorts of companies from operating.  What we can do is continue to provide a top notch professional service, and step up to the plate when a shyster leaves you in the lurch.

We would love to participate in  your event and we don’t charge extra for last minute bookings when we can help. Note that it would not be fair to our other clients to offer a discounted rate, nor do we have fat margins to allow us to operate at a loss on your event.

If you are interested in  our services, I will send over a proposal right away!

Email me or call/message me. 803 640-0283

Chris Lydle, Certified Photographic Consultant