Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do you make prints? Yes, of course. That’s overwhelmingly what our guests want!
  • Does everybody get a copy? Yup, we even try to accomodate “photo bombers”
  • How many people can get in the picture? Our record is 13.
  • Do you set up the equipment? Yes, we’ll set it up and take it down. Set-up and take-down time don’t count as part of your rental period.
  • Who pays for the booth? The booth is free to the guests, the host pays us a flat fee.
  • Do you stay with the booth? Yes, one of our trained, courteous specialists will be there to operate the booth and make sure the guests have a great time.
  • Do you provide a scrap book? Our Platinum service includes a custom guest book. We make an extra print for the book and a second attendant will “curate” it.
  • Can we put the booth outside? Yes, if there’s protection from the rain – if there’s a reliable source of power – if you’ve got a “Plan B” in case Mother Nature is uncooperative.
  • Is your booth open or closed? We’ve got several booths available, and you can choose open or closed. We personally prefer the open style, even though it costs us a little more in terms of total prints printed.
  • How much does it cost? Our prices are in line with other reliable, tested photo booth professionals. Detailed pricing information.
  • Do you provide props? Yes, no extra charge. Our props will be appropriate for the event and will be clean.