We’re old school photo specialists. Team leader Chris Lydle owned specialty camera stores from 1974 until 2017, and was widely regarded as one of the innovators in the industry.

When his local Chamber of Commerce asked local stores to participate in a Wedding Exposition, he didn’t have much to offer. Just single-use cameras to go on the tables at the reception. So he put together one of the first rental photo booths in South Carolina and started up South Carolina Photo Booths, which brought photo booth fun to all corners of that state – and parts of Georgia.

Our very first photo booth

That first photo booth was cobbled together, with top-drawer components in a plywood shell. But it worked great and the guests loved it.

As we grew, we commissioned better looking booths but always insisted on top-drawer components and the most reliable software on the market. Most of our current booths are open, which allows more people in the picture and more to see the fun.

Sean Lydle asked us to extend into the Atlanta region and we dipped a toe in those waters in 2012.  His strong affiliation with sports and the movie industry in this area has helped guide us ever since.

In 2017 Chris moved full time to Marietta. Sold the South Carolina Photo Booths business. Bought it back in 2018 and brought all the gear to our Marietta headquarters.

Under the two business names we’ve successfully completed hundreds of events. Never a no-show. Never a failure.

So when you choose Hotlanta Photo Booths, you’re choosing a seasoned, reliable company.