You’ve probably seen the posting about 10 or 20 or 30 things that are just too old-fashioned to have at your wedding reception. Sometimes these click-bait lists include photo booths as a trend that’s been over done.

I cry bull!

A year after the wedding, what do your friends and family have to remember that special day? The photo booth strip.

A year after the wedding, do you remember what your family and friends looked like that day? How silly they got? How much they wished you all the best?

You will if you’ve got the photos from the photo booth. Face it – the wedding photographer probably concentrated on the wedding party, not your wonderful friends and family.

Most of our brides choose a package that includes a fabulous compact guest book, just big enough to hold all the photo booth photos and loving comments from the guests.

There’s no other ice breaker that gets your guests moving, laughing, and having memorable fun with each other!

It’s your best entertainment investment!

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