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Even with physical events limited to small sizes, you can still have a Virtual Photo Booth to help you remember the day and share it with your friends around the world.

Invite your friends to text a photo (or several) to your very special phone number. We’ll do the rest, creating a great souvenir for them and an album for you.

Marietta Business Association meeting June 22, 2020

“Real” Photo booths in the era of the Covid-19 virus:

Now you don’t need to decide who to invite, who is worthy of those precious seats – you can invite as many as you like! More information

Quite frankly, there isn’t a safe way to have true photo booth fun until our society has weathered the current crisis.

Oh, we’ve figured out ways to have a contactless booth. Open, nothing that the guests have to touch, and still making memories that last. But it’s just not safe to congregate in the way that we did before March 2020. And we don’t want to put ourselves and our clients/friends at risk.

So all on-site photo booth operations are suspended until future notice. If you’ve booked a date within the lock-down period, you’re welcome to reschedule. If you’d prefer a refund, we’ll do that.

If you’d like to reserve a date in the “safe” future – maybe August 2020 or later – we’ll be happy to schedule you and if our social distancing is still in effect, you don’t need to worry about your deposit.

Stay safe!

You just don’t throw out that special piece of paper. It’s the one “take-away” from your moment of a lifetime that your friends and family will treasure long after the cake has been digested.

Even before the bride and groom make their appearance – during that awkward time after the ceremony but while your photographer is keeping the wedding party busy – your guests will be thronging the photo booth. Posing and laughing and showing off the silly photos to each other.

In their photo albums, hanging on the refrigerator or a computer monitor, it’s a great way to commemorate a great day!

Hotlanta Photo Booths has been doing this since 2009 (which is a lot of experience in this field).

We’ve done hundreds of weddings, anniversaries, and parties of every kind. And we’ve never let a client down.

Photo booths – they’re not just for weddings!

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